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About Master Mortgage Broker Sydney

Dave Fleming Mortgage BrokerDave Fleming here and a big thank you for coming by to check us out!

Our specialty is helping people to resolve any mortgage loan issues or queries you may have without the customary pushy hassles that aggravate our stress and frustration levels.

In other words, we’re professional problem-solvers. Now, we are at your disposal to put my 20 + years experience of being in the mortgage brokering business to work to take care of any challenges, big or small you may have. 

Do you have a mortgage challenge we can help solve for you today?

Established in November 2000 we have been around the mortgage arena for quite some time.

We pride ourselves in being a compact boutique operation that can provide you with experienced professional personal service where you will reap the rewards of getting sound advice and guidance.

We are independent of any bank or large franchise operation.

Also, we’re happy to discuss your wealth creation goals for the future.

Daily I meet with ordinary fellow Australians working hard, paying high taxes, and virtually getting nowhere. However, I see the potential every working Australian has to break free from the invisible treadmill and create a secure financial future; not just for themselves, but for their generations to come.

I’m passionate about holding my clients’ hands every step of the way because I can see; that with even a minor change to their current strategy, this results in plenty more time for all the fun we deserve.

Busy professionals have the problem of paying too much tax, and having hardly any time for their passions. I call this T&T (taxed & tired) syndrome. Working mum’s and dads are also generally too busy to have the time to look after their financial needs and future. They come to us for practical advice and expert solutions to help break out of the rat race.

Those who’ve reaped the rewards of working with us see themselves financially hundreds of thousands better off in growth, and have successfully reduced their taxes by 30-50%. What would you do if you could get back a $20,000 tax refund each year?

My engagement process is one of a collaborative and transparent environment where we can help you assess where you can optimise your existing resources to get the best returns. After we diagnose your greatest needs, we will work to implement immediate strategies to fulfil those needs.

If your financial future is important to you, then give me a call (0408 677 196).



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