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Finance Broker Guide

What Is A Finance Broker?

What is a finance broker as opposed to a mortgage broker? Finance brokers can be different to a mortgage broker. Finance brokers can not only organise mortgage applications, but they can also arrange all kinds of other loans.

What does a Finance Broker do?

These can include personal loans, equipment loans, commercial loans etc.

Whereas, many mortgage brokers only deal with property or real property mortgages.

Since the advent of Finance brokers, buyers can literally be spoiled for choice these days when it comes to financing options.

There are numerous choices from different institutions to pick from. Nevertheless, trying to wade through this maze on your own can be a time consuming undertaking.

The work of a finance broker is to guide customers through all the good and not so good choices, and then come up with a solution that is tailored to their specific needs.

An Experienced Finance Broker Will:

  • Identify your needs and desires
  • Find the right loan options to match those needs
  • Negotiate on your behalf with lenders
  • Organise the paperwork required
  • Check and submit the application
  • Keep you informed each step of the way of the applications progress
  • Co-ordinate a successful settlement with vendors, real estate agents, solicitors and the lenders legal dept.
  • Have the application processed and settled quickly and efficiently

What Is A Finance Broker –
What Are The Advantages?

There are many benefits of using a professional finance broker when searching for the best financing option.


Young couple shaking mortgage brokers handThere are numerous lenders offering hundreds of home loans today. Each of these loans naturally comes with a lot of fine print. Scrutinising them on your own is a daunting task, especially if you have little knowledge of the financing market. A loan broker will sort through all of them, and conveniently narrow the options for you.

Furthermore, the huge amount of paperwork required can be completed by your broker, in conjunction with any other parties involved in the transaction. This saves a lot of time and effort, and prevents the whole process from taking over your life.

It costs you nothing

For the most part finance brokers do not charge their clients any fee. They earn their keep from commissions paid to them by lenders, for each mortgage they secure. This means you get expert advice and assistance from an experienced professional for free!

“Yeah, but hang on, does that mean I pay more for the loan, because the fee is built in?”

The answer to that is , “No!”

The lender uses brokers to bring them business without the cost of expensive overheads like marketing, office rent, employees, office equipment, insurances etc. etc.

Professional advice

Seasoned brokers are experts in their field. They are qualified professionals just like doctors or lawyers. Therefore, they have deep knowledge about the loan markets and all the players in it. This enables them to provide expert advice, and show you where to find the best financing solutions.

What Is A Finance Brokers Strength When
It Comes To Lender Relationships?

Finance Loan brokers have a great working relationship with lenders. You too can benefit in many ways from this close relationship. Brokers can process your loan application much faster than if you submitted it on your own.

In many instances, they use their close relationship with lenders to secure loans for people whose applications were initially rejected by the same bank.

How Is Consumer Legal Protection Provided When
Doing Business with Finance Brokers?

There are several laws that regulate the mortgage brokering profession. These are set out in the National Consumer Credit Protection Act. These laws apply to all states and territories in Australia. They aim to protect the consumer when applying for a home loan with a broker.

Of particular interest is the law regarding the suitability of the mortgage offered to a consumer by a broker. This requirement was introduced in 2009, and prohibits any broker from providing an unsuitable loan to anyone.Young woman saying, use an expert mortgage broker

A loan is considered to be unsuitable if it does not meet a consumer’s specific needs and requests. It must also be affordable to the consumer, without creating undue financial hardship.

This legal requirement ensures that any loan you obtain through a financial broker will certainly meet all your needs. It will also be within your budget, so it does not become a financial burden.

Further amendments to the NCCP Act were made in 2011, which spell out even greater protection for broker’s clients.

They include a provision that the mortgage broker must furnish you with a ‘Key Facts Sheet’.

This will have relevant information about the loan offered to you. It includes all the information about your particular needs and requests. It will also detail specifics about the loan, such as the payment amount and loan period.

The services of a mortgage broker are therefore well regulated by law, to ensure that all your interests as a consumer are protected.

These legal protectionsalong with the advantages outlined above, clearly indicate the huge benefits of using a broker’s services.

How Do You Find The Right Loan Broker?

There are several factors you need to consider before choosing a broker. The best finance broker will be one who takes the time to find a loan that fits your true needs.

These are questions you need to ask in order to find out:

Is the Finance broker a member of the Mortgage &
Finance Association Of Australia (MFAA)?

MFAA approved broker logoThe Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia is a body that regulates mortgage and finance brokers. It sets stringent rules to ensure that all members adhere to strict professional standards.

It also has a complaints process in case any consumer is aggrieved.

Any broker who shuns membership in professional bodies is most likely avoiding such scrutiny.

This may suggest their practices are not entirely above board.

Can the Loan Broker Offer You a Full Panel of Lenders?

A Finance broker who deals with many lenders is a better choice.

This is because they are able to offer a wider range of options to select from.

One who uses only two or three lenders will restrict your choices, making you miss out on better alternatives.

How does the Finance Broker Go About
Showing the Best Loans to You?

The best brokers use a standard methodology to select the best loans for customers.

Find out how the broker arrived at the options being offered. The mortgage broker should also detail all the costs associated with the loan.

This is to avoid hidden charges that make the loan more costly all up.

Having all this information will also allow you to compare available options for yourself, and see which one fits your needs best.

Do not deal with brokers who are reluctant to provide detailed loan information.

Who Pays the Broker – You or the Lender?

Most brokers do not charge a fee for their services. In case they do, make sure you know exactly how much the fee is.

You should preferably have it in writing to prevent disputes later on.

If the broker is paid a commission by the lender, find out what that is.

This is because some lenders pay higher commissions than others.

Ensure that the broker’s judgment is not influenced by this consideration.

Who owns Your Broker?

Bank buildingIn today’s world of corporate dominance many loan broker organisations have now been purchased by the major lenders.

This could mean that they hold a bias toward a particular lender. All brokers now must belong to a head group called an aggregator.

Because of the strong growth of finance brokers and their popularity major banks have sought to control this market segment also.

So, if you have any concerns on this issue, then you are quite entitled to directly ask the broker about the structure of their family tree.

Finally, a loan broker that comes with a great recommendations is always the best option. Check Google Reviews, find family, friends, or work colleagues who have dealt with the broker, and ask them about their experiences. This is a great way of evaluating any finance brokers commitment and standard of service.

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